To truly understand Polygon's strategies, you have to consider our motivation. We believe we are in the business of maximizing investment returns, rather than building AUM. Our focus is concentrated on structural alpha, the bedrock of opportunity on which strategy is built. That is our primary consideration and everything follows from there.

Mining Equities

Polygon's mining strategy focuses on equity securities of global mining companies and aims to capitalize on the fundamental expertise of its investment team to identify misunderstood and mis-valued companies among a large universe of names with exceptional dispersion among the top and bottom quartile performers.  

Our approach is a bottom-up focus on situations where we believe the market has mispriced companies because of a lack of understanding of fundamentals. Our experience in over twenty years in the sector covers grassroots exploration through to production on six continents. We have an extensive network of contacts not just in mining but in countries where mines operate. We believe we are in a strong position to recognize early project growth potential and takeout appeal, as well as to recognize the potential for flaws in metallurgy, permitting, scale and infrastructure, social license, financing and specific country risk.  We leverage our extensive industry expertise to build a heavily researched and thoughtfully constructed  portfolio.

This strategy is led by joint CIOs Peter Bell and Mike Humphries.



Peter Bell
Joint Chief Investment Officer

Mike Humphries
Joint Chief Investment Officer