At the core of our culture is the pursuit of a fully rounded approach to everything we do. Concentrate on the detail, follow a disciplined route, but always remain open to questioning the accepted, looking beyond the usual.  Being prepared tends to nurture a trust in judgement.

We are a team set on the development of long-term, quality relationships; people keen to create and build financial success hand-in-hand with mutual understanding and respect.

Ours is a disciplined, robust and driven work environment supporting a pure focus on specific opportunities. We seek the original approach, the other perspective and nurture innovative thinking in a highly experienced, collegial environment.

Our aim is to build trust.  We actively seek strong alignment of interest between investors and investment managers.

Transparency and investor communication are at the centre of everything we do. 

Impressive performance, in all climates, is always our ambition.  We aim to work with leading investment teams with appropriately designed strategies that can offer interesting returns across market cycles.

We understand the importance of liquidity.  Thus, the liquidity of the assets offered to investors in each investment strategy is matched to the market liquidity of those assets.

We do not push capacity. Capacity is constrained to ensure performance and liquidity are not compromised.

Ours is, we believe, a deeply rewarding culture, both for the people who work here and the people we work with.